Solar Success: 1SolTech

Sandy and Zak Fardi founded 1SolTech in 2008 to eventually manufacture solar panels for residential, government, commercial and utility applications. Over the next two years, the Farmers Branch, Texas-based company continued product development and began production in 2009.

Today 1SolTech employs more than 40 Texans, who work in two shifts in their facility outside of Dallas.

Sandy, who is from Germany, and Zak, a German citizen originally from Iran, came from Europe with specific plans to build their company in Texas. They chose the Lone Star State because of its strong sunshine and even stronger economy.

But the core of 1SolTech’s business comes from many other states in the U.S. except Texas, and many of their out-of-state customers receive some kind of state-level support for the solar industry. Currently, 1SolTech has a 15MW capacity but will increase its capacity to 65MW by the end 2011. The majority – over 90 percent – of the panels it has produced (10MW) is being used outside of Texas.

The Fardis recognize that legislation in Texas to build the solar industry would have a huge impact on the state.

“Texas is known as an energy state, so it’s really important that solar energy is at the table,” said Sandy Fardi, chief executive officer of the company. “With the right programs in place, the solar industry in Texas has the potential to grow a wide variety of industries and offer a great return to the State of Texas.”

“We are missing out on valuable job creation in Texas, not just in the solar industry, but in all related fields like accounting, legal, finance, banking, contracting, permitting, engineering, real estate and marketing,” said Zak Fardi, executive vice president. “Support from the state level would jumpstart the industry’s growth and all the benefits to Texans that comes with economic development.”

The Fardis are available to further discuss their vision for solar in Texas. For more information, contact:

Hahn, Texas Communications for the Solar Alliance
Rich Parsons
(512) 344-2010

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