Economic Impact of Solar

Creating Jobs

Based on the legislation as filed, growth in the solar industry as a result of a strong, yet limited-in-scope solar incentive program could create thousands of jobs throughout Texas.

Every sector of the solar industry would see job growth, including manufacturing, project design, installation, maintenance and research and development.

Infrastructure Investment

Successful solar programs in other states that lead Texas in the solar industry have shown for every $1 of incentive, they have attracted $6 in private investment in their state to build the solar industry.

Generating Tax Revenue

The manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of solar equipment will generate sales tax revenue for the State of Texas that can be directed to General Revenue.

Generating Energy

  • Add solar generating capacity to the Texas grid, bringing more affordability and reliability to entire system
  • Co-locating solar generation helps support expanded West Texas electrical transmission grid
  • Distribution benefits to utility associated with reduced peak energy needs, and future capital investment reductions associate with deferred or avoided capacity