Supporting Legislation

HB 2961, introduced by  Rep. Drew Darby (R-San Angelo), will grow every facet of the solar industry in Texas. Click here to view the bill.

Why a SOLAR TEXAS Makes Sense:

  • Texas has vast solar resources, and the sun shines when Texans need electricity the most
  • Texans want solar energy and are willing to invest in its expansion
  • The solar industry is poised for exponential growth, creating thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in sales tax revenue and billions of dollars in sales
  • Solar systems generate electricity at a stable price with minimal maintenance costs
  • A Solar Texas will strengthen U.S. Military efforts to implement solar technology at key facilities, such as Fort Bliss and Fort Hood

Key Provisions of HB 2961

  • Establish a solar generation program administered by the PUC
  • Provide rebates for wholesale generation, as well as for distributed generation, to be divided proportionally between residential and non-residential market segments
  • Sunset the legislations at the conclusion of the five-year program
  • Allow homeowner associations to adopt and enforce reasonable provisions addressing solar energy devices in certain locations